About Awake in The Word:

Our mission:

  • To give you tools to start your day with the Word.
  • To offer tips to make Scripture part of your daily habit.
  • To create materials that can help Christians learn from the words of Scripture, apply it to their life, and grow their relationship with our Savior.

Our purpose:

  • To help people read the Bible more regularly and grow in knowledge and application of the Word of God.



How will I receive materials I purchase?

  • All materials at Awake in The Word are digital downloads. Once you complete a purchase, you will receive an email with a link to your materials. Each link can only be used once.
  • Once you download the materials, you can find the file in your Downloads folder and then move it to a different file on your computer and print it out to start using!

You only sell digital materials, so how do I use them?

  • All materials are in PDF format to easily print in color or black and white. 

Why do you charge for the studies and reading plans?

  • Matthew 6:21 says "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." We believe that by putting an investment into a Bible study, you will be more encouraged to stick to the reading plan or Bible study that you are starting.
  • We aim to fairly price the work created for you based on the time and experience that goes into each lesson. If you disagree or are waiting for a sale, let us know by sending an email to hello@awakeinthewordstudies.com

How do pre-orders work?

  • If you purchase materials in the pre-order phase, after check-out you will receive an email with a link to download your purchase that will actually give you a document with information about how and when you will receive your order.
  • Updates on release date will only be listed in the product description (on the page where you added that item to your cart).
  • When the materials are completed and added to the website, you will be sent a new download link that will give you the materials you have been anticipating.

Who runs Awake in The Word?

  • This site and all materials available are created by me, Michele Doel. I have worked in ministry for the past 9 years. After receiving my bachelors in communication studies, I went to seminary and got my masters in spiritual care.
  • My passion is enthusiastically studying the Bible with other women! I love teaching the themes, lessons, and applications God has for us in His living Word! My hope and prayer for this site is that it helps more people find joy in studying the Bible and applying it to their daily lives.

 Why start a website?

  • This spring I was unemployed and seriously over-volunteering for our church. I realized that I didn't want another job to just get by, I wanted to more intentionally use my passions and skills. So, I cut back my volunteering to what I enjoy doing (which is still like 3 areas of ministry ha), got a fun part-time job, and I started creating this website and formatting some of my materials. I plan to continue writing new materials, and also reformat some previously written materials, to create more devotions and Bible studies and guided reading plan.
  • My goal is that women can find something here to help them grow the habit of daily Bible reading and to eventually have materials that Bible study groups can use too.